"I spent all day working on my poems. In the morning I put a comma in; in the evening I took it away again."
Oscar Wilde



please press

The Complicity of the Trees

Young Ravens Literary Review p. 3


Tomorrow we resume the practice of turning water into wine

The Literary Nest


anno Domini Holy Dance

Ariel Chart

The last of the bad guys

Ariel Chart

an alarm clock rings

Another Way Round 

disremembering by moonlight

Another Way Round 

All we know of harvest

Another Way Round 

She offers her beauty and all that matters

The Drabble 

Dulcet Blues

Subterranean Blue Poetry 

A French Leave

Eunoia Review  


Communicators League      

Sensible Shoes
I am Not a Real Poet

Hidden Constellation   

Longing for a Lobotomy

Rat's Ass Review


permanent dwelling

In-flight Literary Magazine


constellation's concession

The Syzygy Poetry Journal



Communicators League

Betwixt Red Hills

Calliope p. 7


The attempted stoning of a peacock in broad daylight

The Round Up p. 28-30


a black friday

Calliope p. 17



Femmewise Cat p. 65


he swore the sun set in my eyes,

his life renewed between my thighs

In-flight Literary Magazine


Flowers for her mother’s funeral

The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, p. 19


there is water beyond the trees

Simply Elevate Magazine p. 4



In-flight Literary Magazine


marionette’s waltz

Rat's Ass Review


two dead birds

Femmewise Cat, p. 65-66


The Crusade

dis∙or∙der Mental Illness and its Affect (influence), Red Dashboard Publishing p. 38



Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness, Monkey Star Press p. 189

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